Obsessed with pop culture, music, fashion, feminism and lots of other stuff!

Electronic pop artist dennispop.com::: Soundcloud/Bandcamp/iTunes

Clothing and accessories painter at BOLII

If you’re an artist and want to participate in my artist column “7 Questions in Heaven with…” email me at

20poorandfabulous @ gmail dot com

please include a short lil bio and links to your music/videos/art. Don’t be shy, I love all artists.

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Love you

Me shot by Nicholas Larkins Perez
Me after a DENNIS show at Honey. Shot by Nicholas Larkins Perez.

9 thoughts on “About 20PAF

  1. If I worked at the NYT, I’d give you a job. You are funny and insightful. Dating sucks, no matter what age. At least it provides great comedy material.

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