Listen: The Beach Boys will cure your winter sadsies

(Yes, that IS Uncle Jesse)

I have been listening to the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo” on repeat, because winter has grown stale and bitchy as fuck. I have never even thought of breaking out the Beach Boys in the winter to remind me that warm places still exist somewhere in the world. Places where people can harmonize like a muthafuck and you’re ALWAYS tan and kinda buzzed. Heaven help us through the rest of winter! We need sun! And the vitamin D supplements are getting to be a DRAG (just kidding I don’t take them but I should be. They have that shit in late night candy binges, right?)


Anyways, “Kokomo” is the perfect song to get through the last dregs of winter. I’ve listened to it 5 times this morning already, BEFORE coffee. I always forget about the Beach Boys. But good god, they’ve got some amazing songs that everyone has known since they were learning how to walk. The BB have some ethereal quality that sends you to a land of sand and beaches with beautiful skies, little to no breeze, attractive people smiling everywhere, etc. I feel happier when I hear their beachy songs, even though I’m stuck in a house surrounded by dirty, old snow and cunty ice.

If you are in a winter stupor just like me, maybe the Beach Boys will ease your cold, dry feet and chapped soul as well. Here are some more lovely Beach Boys songs to escape with:

California Girls

Surfin’ Safari

Wouldn’t It Be Nice

God Only Knows

Little Deuce Coupe

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