Thomas Kinkade is just like a Spencer’s Gifts. Here’s why.

"Bambi's first year" by Thomas Kinkade. Image via

I’ve never really thought much about Thomas Kinkade. It’s a familiar name that people know and probably associate with houses in the snow with carriages and lots of brick. Pleasant-y things, but never an actual portrait that comes to mind because they are all just pleasing enough to passively look at.

As I was looking through his art, I came across these Disney portraits he did. They kind of look like a mix between the beloved cartoon we all grew up with and something you might find at a Spencer’s Gifts. You know, the felt posters that glow in the dark with a lingering incense aroma and the ever present feeling that a 13 year old redheaded boy staring at you. Who knew Spencer’s Gifts and Thomas Kinkade portraits would have so much in common.


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