Celebrité: Amanda Bynes has a DUI now. Waiting for her perfume deal to drop in 3, 2, …

Image via NY Daily News

Amanda Bynes joins the ranks of Khloé Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie in finally getting her very own DUI. Next, a perfume deal, a personal conversation with Tori Spelling, a minted plaque from the LA county jail and perfume line with a 2-year reality show contract on E!

I guess her dad claims she wasn’t drunk that night. No matter what, girlfriend is looking a little rough, no? Pink hair, 10th grade eye liner skills and cheap lipstick. Maybe she’s researching a part where she plays a girl who is secretly a high class call girl and she has to take drugs to get through all the madness. Oh wait. Rumour has it Ms. Bynes is already doing all of those things.

Is Hollywood really that weird? Maybe it’s just rich people. Perhaps the combination of the two make it a modern day Gomorrah.

Gotta love and respect the fame cycle. Except no love and respect for call girlin’ and drugs. Rich men with no personality and a wallet full o’ cash for “high class” ladies are gross.

Check out the simpler times of Amanda Bynes.


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