‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Is Getting Implants. The positive messages from this show just keep comin’ in

By all means, Jenelle, don’t go too big. You wouldn’t want to turn into a cartoonish representation of everything wrong about a society that rewards morons with fame and wealth for making a TV show about their terrible life decisions that, in turn, a soulless network sells to advertisers schilling candy and shoes to teenagers who think getting knocked up is the thing to do because calculus is hard. A ‘C’ cup will still allow you to keep that “I’m a celebrity, but I’m not above blowing you for a dinner as long as the restaurant doesn’t have a drive-thru window” look that won’t draw stares.”

I LOVE the Superficial. Hilarious. And spot on.

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Is Getting Implants, Too, Now – The Superficial – Because Youre Ugly.

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