Social butterfly: Dogs are the new party accessory

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Last night there was not 1 but FOUR dogs present at the party I was at. Is this the new party accessory for spring? I hope so. I wouldn’t mind a few turds on the carpet in exchange for some puppy cuddles and kisses. Besides, puppy poo isn’t any worse than anything that comes out of a drunk lightweight after too many shots, right?

Also, puppies are the BEST way to meet women/men. They are soft, nice, cuddly and rambunctious. The most perfect pick up of all time.

You guys, the is the year of the Party Puppy. A new column has been spawned. Let’s all take picture of puppies at parties. Send them to me at and I’ll post them. This is the best trend of ALL TIME. YESSSSSS!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Social butterfly: Dogs are the new party accessory

  1. next high fashion trend: live puppy jewelry. imagine putting an adorable puppy in a harness and wearing him like a necklace.

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