Fashion: Polyvore

Set by fashionmonkey1 via
Set by fashionmonkey1 via

My late night meanderings through the internet on this cold, dark evening have brought me to, a place where you can create your own style pages using a drag-and-drop hybrid of online shopping and fashion magazine features. A-MA-ZING. Pinterest but more fashion-y. I like it.

I had previously only been to polyvore to browse clothing, but I had never noticed this awesome interactive community. You can even ask for fashion advice from other fashionistas all over the world like “How can I make this shirt look supa dupa cool?” Average response time is 21 minutes. Fashion crises, avert yourselves!

You can also create your own style sets and collections by browsing through Polyvore’s stock of clothing, accessories, shoes and embellishments like print magazine articles to make the pages look like real magazines.

What a cool way to let the masses create their own magazine pages filled with style! You can like other people’s fashion sets as well and follow your favorite Polyvore fashion-magazine-stylists.

I have only just created an account and am excited to make a page! Do you have a Polyvore account? Am I super behind on the times? Let’s be friends! Follow at twentypoorandfabulous.

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