Dating: Alexa Chung on Chelsea Lately

The lovely Alexa Chung. Photo via
The lovely Alexa Chung. Photo via

Alexa Chung was a recent guest on Chelsea Lately, promoting her new show ’24 hour Catwalk’. Ross Mathews, who is doing a great job of host-replacement btw, revealed that Alexa Chung is on the prowl. She jokingly admitted to accepting dates over Twitter. Oh boy.

The stylish Chung, and former MTV host (I liked ‘It’s On’, damn you MTV!) used to date Arctic Monkeys front man Alex Turner. But they broke up in July 2011. Whatevs, frontmen seem like a lot of work anyways. Divas!

This tweet, surely to be one of many, is a charming peek into the world of dating through the internet:

How wonderful! Dating rocks.

Girlfriend has all the right looks! Photo via
Girlfriend has all the right looks! Photo via

Chung’s new show, 24 Hour Catwalk, looks interesting. I don’t normally watch reality or competition shows, but I might actually give this one a try. The contestants have 24 hours to make weird shit look fashionable. It sounds exactly like poor, 20 somethings digging through years of fashion mistakes, trying to make something look chic.

Check out obsessive Alexa Chung fashion photos here.

Chelsea is on fire

By the by, Chelsea Handler is blowing the fuck up. Chelsea Lately and After Chelsea on E! are getting better and better. After Chelsea is getting some sick cameos like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Jane Fonda. Plus her show on NBC ‘Are You There, Chelsea?‘ is doing okay I think. I haven’t checked it out yet.

AND Chelsea is in a new movie with Reese Witherspoon called “This Means War” that looks promising. Two hot spies are fighting over Reese Witherspoon, blowing shit up and lots of kissing. That’s like my dream. Jealz!

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