Rumour has it: Madonna to kiss Nicki Minaj at Superbowl

The legendary Madonna. Photo: via
The legendary Madonna. Photo: via

Oh sweet Madge.

Rumour has it Madonna and Nicki Minaj are going to smooch it up during the Superbowl XLVI halftime show. Almost a decade after Madonna’s kiss with Britney and Christina Aguilera, (which got cut while they panned to Justin Timberlake’s face. Xtina has the worst luck) what’s the point of keeping this schtick up?

Madonna is known for reinventing herself time and time again, and doing that successfully. She began performing in 1979 and her career is entering into its fourth decade with the release of her upcoming 12th studio album MDNA (genius name). Her long career and habit of restarting her character with every album is why the rumored kiss is less shocking and more “really, again Madonna? This doesn’t sound like you!”

Let’s hope this is just a rumor. Madonna is THE living pop legend, and they are both talented and beautiful women. But this move should stay where it belongs: In the 2003 VMA archives. (This video brings a tear to my eye, I miss the pre-meltdown Britney and Christina! And where the F is Missy Eliot?!)

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