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This is cool: Kanye’d by the Bell

17 Apr

Image via kanyedbythebell.tumblr.com

Fucking GENIUS AND AMAZINGLY entertaining. Kanye’d by the Bell chronicles screenshots of our beloved early morning rerun show with corresponding Kanye West lyrics. I love me some Kanye and Saved by the Bell is always a fun trip down 90s PSA propaganda lane. Hearts! Perfection! Kanye!

A new motto to live by. Image via kanyedbythebell.tumblr.com

Image via kanyedbythebell.tumblr.com

SO TRUE. Image via kanyedbythebell.tumblr.com

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Interweb: Texts from Hillary

5 Apr


Texts from Hillary.

Hillary is BAD ASS.

Ryan Gosling Tumblr Luv

7 Feb

Ryan Gosling is the internet’s little prince. If it weren’t for cats and pictures of cute animals, he just might be numero 1. Luckily, some dedicated Ryan Gosling fans have spent their time creating amazing tumblrs in honor of the cute, sensitive and very talented actór.

Ryan wins. Sorry puppy. I feel terrible.


He likes rollercoasters.


There’s nothing better thank Ryan Gosling wanting to make babies with you.


Look at that sweet, psychopathic smile. Luv him.


I guess RG likes crafts.


This is cool: la mode est notre drogue

22 Jan

la mode est notre drogue. Photo via ashswan

This is cool: Fuck! i’m in my twenties

21 Jan

Read it. Read all of it. Spread it around. SO fabulous.

Author girl, preach it.


So true. Photo: fuckiminmy20s.tumblr.com

So true. Photo: fuckiminmy20s.tumblr.com

This too. Photo: fuckiminmy20s.tumblr.com

This too. Photo: fuckiminmy20s.tumblr.com

This is cool: 80s and 90s models

18 Jan

Look how pretty they are!

This 80s and 90s supermodels tumblr is oh-so pleasing to the eye. Check out the hot babes rocking cooler than cool 80s and 90s fashion. I’ll take 3 of everything please!


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