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Animal Party: Orangutan and Dog are BFFs

16 Jun


HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Interspecies friendship that isn’t humans and dogs/cats/turtles. AMAZING. Inspiring. Loving. So so so cool. Dogs are the best.

Best friends Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the Blue Tick Hound — Animal Talk.

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Cowardly Cop Shoots Dog For Being Off Leash | TeddyHilton.com

11 Feb

How upsetting! Poor pit bull and bulldog-looking dogs get the worst reputations, when they are loving creatures just like all dogs! Doggy discrimination happens, folks.

Poor puppy. I hope his recovery is good and fast. He’s a cute pup (and so is his owner)!

Cowardly Cop Shoots Dog For Being Off Leash | TeddyHilton.com.


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