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Watch this NOW: Chloé “Valentine’s Day”


She’s back! She’s got some great ideas for “Valienteen’s Dee”. Where do we sign up for hopscotch lessons with André Leon Talley?

Reading seventeenth century shame-smut, with my great aunt, the Countess. Photo via

Reading seventeenth century shame-smut, with my great aunt, the Countess. Photo via

What are your events on this most momentous of occasions?

I’ll be caroling Valienteen anthems- without apology.

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Puppy Bowl VIII: What Super Bowl Sunday is really all about

Photo via

Photo by David S. Holloway via

I LOVE the Puppy Bowl. I think it’s one of the most genius things Animal Planet has ever done. Honestly. If you haven’t watched the Puppy Bowl because you’re a diehard football fan, or your just haven’t ever seen it, it will change your life. Not really, but it’s the cutest thing in the entire world.

First, the puppies are on teams and run around a small “field” with a chew toy football trying to “score points” (run around like puppies and look cute). Sometimes there’s pee, I’m sure there’s been a poo or two, but that’s just part of the fun.

Then, at halftime, the most amazing thing ever happens: The Kitty Halftime show. Kittys are placed on the field with kitty-like toys, but they all look frightened and pissed off and basically don’t do anything but hiss at things. It’s so joyous!

The animals are all provided by animal shelters that deal in pet adoptions. So not only is the Puppy Bowl amazing, but it also promotes pet adoption to (hopefully) loving families. What’s not to love!!!

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Technology: Apple’s first iPhone from 1983

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Wow. Can you imagine carting that around in your purse? Cue hipsters: "Do you have a phone jack? I need to call someone." Photo via

 The first iPhone was actually made in 1983 as a landline with a touchscreen. It was designed by Hartmut Esslinger who also played a hand in constructing Apple’s first portable computer. NEAT!