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50 People You Wish You Knew In Real Life

20 Apr

50 People You Wish You Knew In Real Life

There are so many awesome people in this. Go to there. Now.

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Like the smell of my colon?

19 Apr

Screengrab via

I blame it on Bush. Then again, I blame everything on Bush era tax cuts, because those were so fucking rude.

I think I like “My Hands Smell Like Colon” best, because of the weird capitalization and the fact that it’s a very real situation. Check out more at Sad and Useless.

This is cool: Kanye’d by the Bell

17 Apr

Image via

Fucking GENIUS AND AMAZINGLY entertaining. Kanye’d by the Bell chronicles screenshots of our beloved early morning rerun show with corresponding Kanye West lyrics. I love me some Kanye and Saved by the Bell is always a fun trip down 90s PSA propaganda lane. Hearts! Perfection! Kanye!

A new motto to live by. Image via

Image via

SO TRUE. Image via

Screw 16 & Pregnant: Tavi Gevinson is 16 and Editor-in-Chief

11 Apr

Where’s that reality show, MTV? Let’s inspire the youth of the nation, instead of making them believe if they’re sixteen a pregz they can get a tv show and make money off being an F-list celebrity magazine star.

Check out this video of Tavi Gevinson giving a TED Talk on “figuring it all out” as a teen girl.

What a smart, cool kid. These websites, and, are awesome and makes me jealous they weren’t around when I was a teen. Being a teen sucks, but having a place other than the regular  psychotic teen mags (Seventeen, Cosmo, etc) to read about growing up and “figuring it out” is pretty rad.

Image via

Got a tiny hand fetish? Solved.

21 Mar

This is genius. So creepy and hilarious.

One summer when I was a wedding DJ, the bride had a little hand. They were assholes though and didn’t tip for all the shitty music they made me play. Maybe it was because I couldn’t stop staring at the tiny hand all night. Whatevs, it was worth it.

Check out other celebs with tiny hands here: One Tiny Hand

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In honor of spring, the lost season

19 Mar

Where the f is spring this year? Depending on where you live, spring is either in full force or got totally screwed over by summer’s early arrival. It’s screwed where I am. So, here’s to you spring. Your melting ickiness got totally upstaged by great albeit frightening warm weather. Cheers!

Clarissa Explains it All, the album

2 Mar

YES. Clarissa as a rock star. I thought this day would never come. Image via


Apparently Melissa Joan Hart as Clarissa from the 90s darling show Clarissa Explains it All RECORDED A ROCK ALBUM. This shit is so fucking awesome. This is the legitimately coolest kid/teen album I’ve ever heard. A hip lead singer, bass, guitar and drums. It’s annoying tween problems like stupid little brothers (we’re looking at you, Ferguson) and a longform version of the famous “na na na” theme song.

The coolest part is you can absolutely picture Clarissa singing and performing in a garage. Oh if only there were a VHS that was unreleased as well. That would make my YEAR.

I’m dying!!!!!!

I’m instantly 8 years old again. With a leather jacket on, a candy cigarette and dancing in my room to a brand new CD. Seriously amazing.

Icelandic Volcano Fimmvörðuháls Erupts and Aurora Borealis

22 Feb

THAT is some hot and heavy nature porn. Purely Magical.

Check out the slideshow through the link, it’s amazing!

Image via James Appleton/Barcroft Media

This is cool: Downton Abbey trading cards

21 Feb

OMFG. Image via

 Holy shit. Vanity Fair wins. Their Downton Abbey trading cards are even better than the paper dolls. Keep the fanmade Downton Abbey garb COMING! We need something to tide us over until season 3 starts!!!!

Downton Abbey paper dolls, there goes my afternoon

20 Feb

HELL YEAH. Genius!

If you haven’t caught Downton Abbey fever yet, I am judging you harshly. GET ON IT. I mean, can you imagine how cool a show must be to have paper dolls be made by a fan? I don’t even think Twilight fans are that dedicated, nor cool. But in their defense, they probably don’t know what paper is.

Vulture writer and paper doll ingenue, Kyle Hilton, has imaginatively and amazingly given us these splendid printable paper dolls, including my favorite, Mary, Matthew and Mr. Pamuk, Thomas and O’Brien, Lady Sybil and the Dowager Countess herself, Maggie Smith.


Check out the rest here!


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