Beauty: Beth Ditto’s MAC line has launched

7 Jun

Image via

Beth Ditto’s MAC line is love long distance

Get ready to look freaky cool with Gossip frontlady Beth D’s new line of makeups and whodizzles. I can admire from afar, as my tight budget allows solely for jovial cocktails twice a week and no makeup unless this bitch needs it.

The line is filled with bright colors, but not annoyingly bright like Nicki Minaj’s MO these days. My favorite piece is a pink lipstick called “Dear Diary,” because that’s a great name for lipstick dammit. It’s already sold out.

Check out the line over at MAC babiez. I have lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara from the MACksterz. I really like the lipstick, the eyeshadow is sparkly and awesome, but the mascara is kind of like any ol’ mascara: black shit to rub on your eyes. Next! Plus it’s like $15 so maybe mascara can be a Target run type of thing instead of an internet, limited edition type of thing. Yeah?! YEAH!

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