Kristen Wiig is the coolest woman alive

19 Apr

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Funny, smart, SO FUNNY, hilarious, beautiful and a true role model. We can still have role models in our 20s, right? Mine are forever Britney, Madonna, Gaga and any woman (or man) who has ever been on SNL because they are so talented. There’s something shiny and special about someone who can make you laugh, and Kristen Wiig hits it on the head every time, even if the sketch is dull. I know I’m going to cry diamond tears when she leaves SNL this season with Jason Sudekis and Andy Samberg.

Here are some videos that will make your life better because Kristen Wiig is in them, while I work on conglomerating a Kristen Wiig tribute closer to her SNL departure. SADSIES. She’s so amazing.

7 minutes in heaven with Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig reads from Suzanne Somers book of poetry

A rejected skit idea that actually sounds hilarious


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  1. [VIDEO] SNL Digital Short #100 | Practikel - May 18, 2012

    [...] Kristen Wiig is the coolest woman alive ( Related Posts You Might Enjoy :[VIDEO] Teacher Tells Student's She's Engaged… Thursday 4Play: Signage [VIDEO] 'Storage Wars' is Fake Freelance Web DeveloperShare this:FacebookStumbleUponEmailRedditDiggPrint Posted in Celebrity, Humor, Los Angeles, News, Smart, Stupid, Video Tags: Ana Gasteyer, Andy Samberg, comedy, funny, hilarious, Kristen Wiig, Mick Jagger, Punk'd, Reefer Madness, Saturday Night Live, sketch comedy, skit, SNL, Suburgatory, television, the Culps, Will Ferrell « [VIDEO] Teacher Tells Student’s She’s Engaged to Jesus and That He Gave Her a ‘Special’ Eye You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. var addedComment = function(response) { //console.log('fbComments: Caught added comment'); //console.log('fbComments: Making AJAX call to update Facebook comment count'); $.post('', { fn: 'addComment', xid: '_post4566' }, function(resp) { if (resp === 'true') { //console.log('fbComments: Updated and cached Facebook comment count for post with xid=_post4566'); } else { //console.log('fbComments: FAILED to update Facebook comment count for post with xid=_post4566'); } }); }; FB.Event.subscribe('comments.add', addedComment); [...]

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