Beauty: Effie Trinket hair lust

2 Feb
Hair envy. Photo via

Hair envy. Photo via

I want light pink hair so bad after seeing so many Effie Trinket pics. It’s so subtle and classy, as opposed to this. Cringe!

There’s some kind of sick pleasure I get out of the fashion in the capitol from the Hunger Games books. It seems so fun, cool and classy without being ridiculous, much like every single afflicted suburban ‘alternative’ kid who dyes their hair bright green or red.

WANT. Photo via

WANT. Photo via

I really like the way Kelly Osbourne has been dying her hair lately. She’s a pretty and classy gal, and her lightly dyed hair adds some colorful personality while maintaining her chic style. The way we wear our hair is a fashion statement anyways, and lightly colored hair, like lavender or pink, is subtly fun.

Maybe fashionistas will embrace the lightly colored hair sparked by the Hunger Games capitol kids and maybe Kelly Osbourne. I LOVE the light pink and light purple hair colors. I WANT. Now only if it wouldn’t (probably, people are so judgy about hair color) ruin my chances at finding a grown up job. Blerg.


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